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Carlos Leon

Born in Ceuta 1948, Carlos Leon lives and works in Segovia.

1972: Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris
1987: Professor Bellas Artes in Cuenca
1997-2002: Living and working in New York

His paintings, strongly influenced by abstract expressionism, show an imaginary landscape with a intense pictoral investigation on colours, textures and surfaces.

Linked in the 70th to the french art movement Support/Surfaces, his painting is now characterised by lyrism, the evoctaion of lanscapes and gardens, as well as the body and carnality.

A light baroque atmosphere imparts air and weightlessness to his work.
His painting expands and spreads like a vital flow, a colourful flowering, a return to life...

Carlos Leon made his recent works by handpainting on dibond, creating a strong contrast between the support and the painted colourful vegetation.

His works have been exhibited in several national and international galleries and are part of some famous public collections like:

- Museo Nacional Reina Sofia
- Fundacion Helga de Alvear
- Fundacion La Caixa
- Fundacion Sunyol
- Ayuntamento de Barcelona
- Museo de Bellas Artes Bilbao
- Portland Museum, USA
- Center of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Ohio

Roterbergweg 8, 88453 Erolzheim (Ge)
Calle Leon XIII, 25, 2do,1a 08022 Barcelona (Sp)