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Alejandra Corral

Born 1971 in Madrid, Alejandra started her career in international commercial law, before coming to art painting through studies in drawing at Estudio 13 - Madrid.

In her works she combines painting and collage, creating high cromatic pictures, colourful scenes and dynamic compositions with a certain touch of suggestive " kitsch".

Her art is fresh, cool, audacious, reaching sometimes a certain level of impudence from which she raises questions like the female condition, the contrasts between young and old, between urban and rural life, showing finally the fragility of life.

Alejandra's works ( she signs under " Kuska" ) grew along different projects:

- 2009 : Tomate tu tiempo
- 2010-2011 : Fabula sin moraleja
- 2012 : Bosques
- 2013 : Los Angeles no se enamoran
- 2014 : Lagrimas negras ( en process...)

Roterbergweg 8, 88453 Erolzheim (Ge)
Calle Leon XIII, 25, 2do,1a 08022 Barcelona (Sp)