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Jose Luis Serzo

Born in 1977 en Albacete ( La Mancha), Jose Luis Serzo lives and works in Madrid.

He is a " storyteller".

Through his masterly technical figurative painting, but also through sculptures, installations, drawings, photos and videos, he creates magic worlds that transcend reality and invite the public to live adventures with some amazing individualities.

The work of Jose Luis Serzo presents fantasy as the capacity of everyone to transform his surrounding into a new dimension , being possibly an alternative or a promissing springboard to change art and life.

His work is filled with personal simbology; the personages in his exhibitions lead us to strange and marvellous worlds full of colour, magic and humour

The work of Serzo can be divided into different projects :
- Post-Show
- El fantastico vuelo del hombre cometa
- Thewelcome
- Los suenos de I Ming
- Jugando con fuego
- La historia mas bella jamas contada
- Los senores del bosque

It was shown in different galleries and exhibitions in Spain and abroad

Roterbergweg 8, 88453 Erolzheim (Ge)
Calle Leon XIII, 25, 2do,1a 08022 Barcelona (Sp)