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Monica Gener

Born in Valencia, Monica Gener studied at the Facultad de Bellas Artes of Madrid where she obtained her Bachelor in the Department Drawing and Prints.

In her work, Monica reflects on our way of living and our relation with nature.

Her prints and sculptures present the classical discourse of still life. However the still life is not " dead" but " well alive", creating a bridge between the memory and the present.

From 2003 till now, Monica Gener has been working as art professor at the Facultad de Artes y Communicación , European University of Madrid.

Exhibitions ( selection)

- 2013: Ceart, Fuenlabrada Madrid
- 2010: Arco Madrid
- 2008: Galeria Raquel Ponce, Madrid
- 2006: Casa del Siglo XV, Segovia
- 2002 : Casa de Velazquez, Madrid

Roterbergweg 8, 88453 Erolzheim (Ge)
Calle Leon XIII, 25, 2do,1a 08022 Barcelona (Sp)