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Attilio Melato

Born in Agna ( Province of Padova) , Attilio Melato studied Photography and Lithography in the Academy of Venice.

In spite of obtaining several awards in this discipline, his artistic inclinations went increasingly to painting.

After some years of landscape-painting, mostly sicilian motives, Melato found finally to a kind of " new figuration" in his recent cycle " Abitare l'Arte", a narration of the inner life between the past and the present.

His works show seats, chairs and insight views as places in memory of the presence and absence of the individuals.
They are witnesses of our feelings and emotions, like timeless portaits, places of refuge for remembrance, for meditation, reading and musical inspiration.

They remember the movie " The 12 chairs" of Mel Brooks, the novel of Nina Sankowitsch " Tolstoi and the lila chair" as well as the detective novel " The empty chair" of Deaver Jeffery, and finally also the " Proust chair" of the italian designer Alessandro Mendini.

Attilio Melato is a member of the italian Art Movement " Tostart".

Roterbergweg 8, 88453 Erolzheim (Ge)
Calle Leon XIII, 25, 2do,1a 08022 Barcelona (Sp)